What is SASCU?

Save Street Children Uganda (SASCU) is a non-profit organization, working for the protection, rehabilitation and education of street children, as well as disadvantaged children and youth in Uganda.  SASCU is comprised of former street children and professionals who strive to advocate for the rights and restored hope among these children so that they may live a meaningful life. By sharing God’s love with these children while proving a safe home, education and general needs, our hope is that each child feels valued and cared for.

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How can I help?

If you would like to sponsor a child with your monthly support please write “sponsor a child” in the NOTES section of the donation form.  The SASCU orphanage will choose a child in need and send you their picture, name and brief bio. If you are donating to meet a specific need, please write a comment in the NOTES section of the donation form.

  • Make a donation to SASCU in any amount
    • Sponsor a student’s education needs for $35/month OR
    • Sponsor a student’s education PLUS help with housing, meals, clothing and medical for $45/ month
    • Donate to the general fund (education, teachers, meals, housing) in any amount
    • Donate to farm fund (vet care, feed, facilities, crops, workers) in any amount
    • Pray for SASCU
    • Help raise awareness by sharing our website on Facebook, etc

Your donation will help us reach these goals:

  • Provide basic education and general needs such as housing, meals, clothing and medical
  • Rehabilitate former street children into the society
  • Help cater for facilitation of staff pay and administration costs
  • Help vulnerable children to become economically viable
  • Further develop Providence Farm into a self-sustaining and income producing facet of SASCU

** If you are donating for a specific need please add a comment to your donation form so we know what your donation is for.