In the summer of 2016, SASCU Staff, students and missionaries and local workers teamed up to begin developing land that was graciously given to them.  They named it Providence Farm, meaning “God will provide”. Through generous donations the team built a large goat shelter, a rabbit shelter house with hutches and cleared land to plant eucalyptus trees, various vegetables and maize. Most importantly, they built a well that provides fresh water to Providence Farm and surrounding families.  An additional well was built for solar powered irrigation for crops.  All projects are moving toward the goal of future sustainability.

2019 GOALS

  • Fill a 40 foot shipping container with goods to help reach the below goals
  • Build and furnish a boys’ dorm at the farm
  • Build a kitchen at the farm
  • Build a latrine at the farm
  • Move orphans from inner city to Providence Farm
  • Expand goat production


We are excited that our partners, The Good Earth Garden Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, can’t contain their enthusiasm in helping us reach these goals!  A 40 foot shipping container is arriving at The Good Earth sometime in March (specific date TBA very soon) and will hopefully be filled with donated items needed to accomplish our 2019 goals.  If you are able to join them in this endeavor, here is our wish list of necessary items.  We appreciate any involvement and prayers.


In 2016, SASCU/Providence Farm was given 18 adult goats to start their herd; and many are now giving birth! SASCU was also given a donation of 20 large breeding rabbits. In addition, SASCU is planting eucalyptus, vegetables and maize.  Since 2016, the goat herd has grown to over 100 healthy goats, a goat pen and shelter have been built, and additional land continues to be cleared maize, sweet potatoes, beans, eucalyptus, and fruit trees.  A chicken pen and several coops have been built and the flock is growing.  As donations are given, SASCU will continue to add more goats, chickens, crops, eucalyptus trees, and maintain the farm.

A solar-powered farmhouse has been built to provide housing, and in 2018, the girls’ dorm was built and will soon be occupied by orphans.  Presently, January of 2019, a boys’ dorm is being built.


SASCU/Providence Farm’s goal towards sustainability is through the development and growth of the farm land; breeding of animals; and donations and sponsorships to provide for the on-going needs of the SASCU orphans and other vulnerable children.


Thank you for partnering with Good Earth through your purchases, donations and prayers to help us share the love of God with orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda.

Here is the 2018 update of the Good Earth team’s third summer trip to Uganda.  During this trip, we were able to spend time at the orphanage and school, connecting with and loving on the orphans, while playing games, singing songs, doing crafts and building relationships.  We joined SASCU staff in their weekly outreach of visiting and serving food in two slum areas, and shared the Jesus film with SASCU and their surrounding community (in their native language, Lugandan).  These orphans are intelligent, joyful young people, full of hope and faith, destined to make an impact on their community.

Through generous donations, we purchased medical supplies and medicines, several mattresses, much needed cups and bowls, and farm supplies.  We took 14 trunks full of items donated by Good Earth customers and Christ Community Church.  The orphans and workers were so thrilled to be given new shoes, socks, under garments, clothes, sports balls, toys, candy, school supplies, yarn, sheets and so much more.  They loved it!

Our team spent the other half of our time at SASCU’s Providence Farm, clearing 5 acres for crops and a large goat pen, weeding and hoeing 2 acres for planting beans, putting in more poles for future irrigation, worming 93 goats, planting beans, harvesting maize, and sweet potatoes.  The house is now complete with solar lighting and doors on each room.  We watched as a new building was being constructed for a girls dorm.  The bore well continues to provide clear drinking water for the farm and surrounding village.

We are humbled and blessed to be a part of this journey and so thankful for your continued support and prayers, on behalf of SASCU.

God is so good!

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