In the summer of 2016, SASCU Staff, students and missionaries and local workers teamed up to begin developing land that was graciously given to them.  They named it Providence Farm, meaning "God will provide". Through generous donations the team built a large goat shelter, and cleared land to plant eucalyptus trees, various vegetables and maize. Most importantly, they built a well that provides fresh water to Providence Farm and surrounding families.  An additional well was built for solar powered irrigation for crops.  All projects are moving toward the goal of future sustainability.


In following our mission to provide a sustainable and safe home for vulnerable orphans, we made plans to construct a missionary home and dorms at Providence Farm. Through prayers, hard work and generous donations, we are making great strides!  In 2017, construction of a solar-powered farmhouse began and was completed. This missionary house was built to provide housing for Innocent and Gloria, as well as teams that come to serve.  In 2018, the girls' dorm was built and in 2019, the boys' dorm was completed. Also in 2019, an outdoor kitchen was built that feeds multiple children, staff, and volunteers.  Early in 2019, SASCU began to fill the new dorms with orphaned boys and girls. These precious children now attend school daily, and are well cared for.

We are forever grateful for the generous donations given.


In 2016, SASCU/Providence Farm was given 18 adult goats to start their herd; and many are now giving birth!  The goat herd has grown to well over 100 healthy goats, with baby goats being born often. Goat pens and a new, stronger shelter have been built.  In addition, SASCU has planted eucalyptus trees, vegetables, beans, maize, and citrus crops.  New kinds of vegetables have been planted, such as cabbage, spinach and eggplant, to boost the children’s health. A chicken pen and several coops have been built and the flock is growing.  As donations are given, SASCU will continue to expand the goat herd, chicken flock, crops, eucalyptus trees, and maintain the farm.


SASCU/Providence Farm's goal towards sustainability is through the development and growth of the farm land; breeding of animals; and donations and sponsorships to provide for the on-going needs of the SASCU orphans and other vulnerable children.


It's been a unique year and we are thankful to still have continued to grow.

  • Stayed healthy, with no cases of COVID 19 at Providence Farm
  • Hired 3 teachers to daily teach kids at the farm (since schools were closed)
  • Three additional acres of eucalyptus trees were planted
  • New, stronger goat pen is under construction
  • Expanded crops such as cabbage, spinach, eggplant and more beans
  • New water channels were made to cut down on flooding
  • Several Providence Farm Partners committed to sponsorship (2 children are still in need of sponsorship)


  • Electricity for the Mission House at the farm ($1,200)
  • Add 20 acres of eucalyptus trees
  • Funding for transportation of children to and from Providence Farm to school for the 2021 school year when schools open ($5,000)
  • Purchase a used van ($6,500-7,000)
  • Build a new 4 hole toilet/ outdoor bathroom at the farm ($5,000)
  • Help with community outreach, which involves meals, some counseling, rescue and placement of street children ($5,400 for 2021)
  • Construction of the soccer field at Providence Farm for community outreach and the SASCU children ($6,500)
  • Continue to expand goat and chicken production
  • Providence Farm Partner ($100 monthly) Sponsors education, housing, meals, uniforms, medical, and general needs of a child
  • Construction of a community Christian church

2020 Update

This year was challenging for Providence Farm, as it was for everyone. Good Earth team members were not able to make the trip to Uganda this year but we kept in constant contact throughout the year via Zoom calls. We wanted to share what this year looked like at the farm.

All schools were closed in Uganda due to COVID 19. The 22 children that live at the farm have been very fortunate to continue school. Three teachers were able to move to Lowero so they could daily teach at the farm and the children could continue their education. This was a huge
blessing! The kids also learned more about gardening through hands on activities. They had a lot more time to read books and the bible and improve their writing skills. Their spiritual lives have changed greatly and they have embraced sharing and caring for one another.

One of the children, Reagan, age 4, started experiencing health issues that turned out to be serious and required brain surgery and a hospital stay. We are very pleased to report he is back at Providence Farm and doing well now!

On the 11th of June, SASCU got the news of an abandoned child in the neighboring district of
Nakasongola. Their social workers then worked together with the Child & Family protection Unit and the probation officers respectively. Baby Atarah was then rescued and adopted by Gloria and Innocent through the spiritual and financial support from many beloved families. She will turn 7 months the month of December. What a gift!

New water channels were made to cut down on flooding. Three additional acres of eucalyptus
trees were planted and are doing well. The bean field yielded even more this year and additional acreage was planted. A big harvest is expected. Because the goat farm continues to grow, a long-lasting, stronger goat pen has just been completed.

New kinds of vegetables were planted, such as cabbage, spinach and eggplant, to boost the children’s health. This has helped us reduce our monthly food budget and the children are growing up strong and healthy.

There are still goals and needs; prices for food that the farm cannot produce remain high. We would like to continue on our journey to sustainability. Medical expenses have increased; in the past, the kids would be at school and some medical care is included in their tuition.

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